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Post  mmFox on Thu 1 Mar 2012 - 1:07

This is taken straight off the FB Group (credits go to mmAudioslave ! Razz )





How to make a stream:

Make a justin tv/ twitch tv account:

Download software from and register

In the xspilt u type you justinTv user/pass, get the settings.

If u have ok badwith and PC, normail bitrate is 600-1000kb/s, never use fps over 25-30.

I would recomend 15-20fps, screen resolution: 720p, 800kb/s, quality 5ish. This should get a good stream. I my fps dropps 40-50fps when i stream, so keep that in mind.

Remember your pc have to record and send all info while you play and its a heavy job for it.

If any questions, ask me (audioslave) or sakkas or go on youtube for tourtorials. Xsplit has also a good tutorial in its site. Tutorial:

There is also a other good way to stream, but its harder to set up, and it can lag you pc.

This is made by Destiny, ive used this before and its WAY more complicated to set up!

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