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Post  Quecksilver on Thu 1 Mar 2012 - 19:39

Hi everyone,

this is a list of all our current mmClan members. It will be updated and improved over time. Please leave a post whenever something is wrong or needs to be updated:

Nickname Main race 1v1 Rank
mmAudioslave ZergPlatinum
mmQueksilver ZergMaster
mmAnimalMort RandomGold
mmCranker ZergDiamond
mmDyphen Terran Diamond
mmFishbonedD TerranMaster
mmFox TerranPlatinum
mmMenace TerranPlatinum
mmSakkas ProtossPlatinum
mmSan TerranGold
mmSwarzy Zerg Master
mmTETO ProtossMaster
mmWeez ProtossDiamond
mmXadoom ProtossGold
mmYoYoToSs ProtossPlatinum

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mmClan member list Empty Re: mmClan member list

Post  mmFox on Thu 1 Mar 2012 - 19:51

hey mmQuecksilver!

great job on creating the list! we talked via skype about adding league icons etc to make it prettier Razz

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