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Zergling Cheese 2 base Empty Zergling Cheese 2 base

Post  mmAudioslave on Tue 28 Feb 2012 - 12:23

I have a good build that has worked very good for me vs greedy players, or players that dont wall.
Its best for team games, but i can see it for good use in 1v1 vs greedy terran or protoss.

The build is
15 hatch
14 gas
14 pool
17 overlord
Pull off gas @100
drone hard to 22-24
Get 2 queens as pool is done, if you dont have mins, save up for queen, cuz u need a lot of larva.
Start making mass lings and overlords

The bulid is kinda funny, beacuse oppo scouting it think you will macro since they see a 15 hatch, and they are not prepared for a rush normaly.
The imporant thing is to keep up with injects and no sup block, then its just to rally lings. U'll be supprised how many lings you will have at 7-8min!
I think that this bulid is better then just going 14 14 and mass lings from there, here you will get more lings compared to the 14 14 at 7-8 min, and you have the advantage since they most likely think you macro. And if you attack fails, you have 2 base where u quick can make a lot of drones quick! But it is a allin bulid with a hint of cheese clown BTW, ill try this one in zvz aswell, never done that.
Keep owning!

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Zergling Cheese 2 base Empty Re: Zergling Cheese 2 base

Post  Quecksilver on Tue 28 Feb 2012 - 12:30

I think this could work vs passive zergs in zvz. What I would suggest to add a little mind game. Wall off your ramp with queens. rally your lings in your main base so he doesnt see the lings until you have lots of them. Transfer a little more drones then usual to your natural so that he might think you are droning. If he thinks he's safe and drones, you can overrun him Smile
tell me how it went in your zvz

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