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Spawning Larva - Mechanics Empty Spawning Larva - Mechanics

Post  mmAudioslave on Tue 6 Mar 2012 - 8:16

There are two ways i know whtch is know styles here. I dont know whitch one is best, but id like to discuss it. Ive used both, and im using number 2 atm, and it workes good, with a few hints.

Hotkey 5 6 7++ For each queen(or base since you want your same hotkey on base queen and macro hatch queen).
All your hatches on same hotkey, i use 4.
To spawn larva you hit 5- 5- v- click, 6- 6- v- click, ++
-You can choose what base to spawn to
-After spawned larva you can make units without and other clicks
-If you have a lot of larva you dont need to make queens on other exp (you can'nt have enougth larva after my opinion)
-It takes a lot of apm
-Hard to hit hotkey 8-9-0 if you have many bases

First thing you do is change the "backspace" key to a more acessable key, i use space
Hotkey all you queens on the same hotkey, i use 5
To spawn larva hit space (if you are not in you base) - 5-v- click-space-click-space-click.
Instead of hitting space you can hit 5 2 times to get to base, but this take more apm.
All you hatch on 1 hotkey, i use 4. You need a queen for every hatch, else this will fail.
-Spawning larva on many exp goes ultra fast
-Its less hotkeys to think about, but
-Easier to do, no hard hand movements
-When you dont loose queens and have some controll, this IS the best method, and everything goes so smoooth!
-If you have a exp without a queen and you do this, all your queens migth be running around on the map Shocked
-If you make a hotkey mistake, like putting a queen on your hatch hotkey, you cant make units with this move.
-When you are under alot of pressure and you don't have a queen on a hatch, or lost one, this method is hard to master.

I didnt but the fact that you need a queen at each hatch as a pro or con, since it has both.
Ok u want to make a tip to the number 2 method, since this is the one ive used the moast.

-If you know you have a hatch without a queen, you just do the method slow, you just see if you have a queen on the hatch before you click, and if you dont just hit space to get to next hatch.
-If you make a misstake, and you know it just hit S, to make the stop moving around the map, then continue with the 1st step.

Now, start owning! Cool


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Spawning Larva - Mechanics Empty Re: Spawning Larva - Mechanics

Post  mmFox on Tue 6 Mar 2012 - 18:09

Nice post for zerg players or new zerg players! Me like Smile

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