ZvT: Roach rush into mass droning

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ZvT: Roach rush into mass droning Empty ZvT: Roach rush into mass droning

Post  Quecksilver on Tue 28 Feb 2012 - 11:14

I wanted to list a build of mine, which I use a lot vs Terran and works really well vs hellion expand openings.
The idea behind this build is to be aggressive early game and take map control back from hellions, so that you can drone and creep freely without any pressure.

14 Hatch
15 Pool
17 Gas (Drones on gas asap)
16 OV
Drone to 17 or 18 (Depending on map you wanna get 1 or 2 pairs of lings for scouting)
When Pool finishes get 2 Queens and 1 or 2 pairs of zerglings.
23 roach warren
22 OV
Pull drones off gas at 175
Inject with first Queen
Creep tumor with 2nd
When Warren finishes, get 7 roaches

now its important to deny any SCV scouting with your lings and queens. When he spots the roach warren your moment of surprise is gone. Your roaches should pop around the time the first hellions arrive at your base. If not, he's probably on the way or occupying the Xelnaga Watchtower. Normally you cant avoid being spotted by the hellions. But that doesnt matter. When he reacts in time he will have a bunker and you've got map control and maybe you can even deny his expo. If he didnt react in time, he's in a world of hurt. If possible try to get your 1st scouting OV in position at his ramp so you got vision. Now you can pick off the supply (or SCV repairing it) and if he doesnt have many units or marauders or bunkers, run right into his base. Don't be afraid loosing your roaches. If you pick of some scvs, deny mining time, you're in a good position. But it isn't recommended to sacrifice all your roaches when you feel that the defense it too good so you won't be doing any damage. In that case sit at the bottom of his ramp and deny him from securing his expo for a while, until he has enough units.

In the meantime drone up and spread creep like a boss. Most of the Terrans go back with their hellions to help defend, when they spot my roaches. If he doesnt, then avoid having drones at your expo and block your ramp with 1 queen till you get 1 or 2 more roaches to help your queen defend at the expo.
When you got around 32 drones, get back to mining gas, get your ling speed up and proceed with normal ZvT (ling bane muta, ling festor, or keep roaches when your roach rush spots a mech build)

Whats good with this build:
- No problems with early hellions
- Early map control
- Good way scouting the Terran, because while defending the push, you will see his unit comp and know what he has. You might even get into his base and see exactly what he has.
- will punish greedy Terrans
- will punish banshee play

Whats bad with this build:
- A very well executed defense while him using the hellions to harass can be difficult to deal with and might set you slightly behind
- Drops on close air spawns can be dangerous after he defended successfully
- Doesnt work well vs non hellion openings (like barracks expand)

Feel free to try this build and ask any questions.

I'll be adding some replays if needed.

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